Agile@School – episode 4

The sprint 2 was completed successfully. This is a great news and when I’ve heard that sentence, I was very happy with my “class”. Yes, we miss something, but the software package is working, and not just in one client.

A month ago, I left the students with a list of 5 PBIs, and they presented me the following results after 20 days:


Great! But it’s not all. They’ve also associated the change sets to the tasks and they’ve attached also files when needed:


I was scared about the possibility to fail with the project, but I’ve changed my mind when I started to see the pro-activity and the efforts of the students. Also slack, which was an obstacle at the beginning, started to work very good. Now, we’ve got channels per PBI and we pinned also tutorial videos in the “help” channels:


This is the work done about the tools. But we didn’t forget to make the sprint ceremonies. Last time we met we played with the Stand Up Meeting and it was funny to hear students replying to the questions. Actually, they’re disciplined, maybe more than our teams 🙂 :

04 standup.PNG

The next step is to make some “final” ceremony. We will see how to do the Retrospective meeting, we will use the Starfish game (thanks to Felice) and we will start to add some documentation, design and marketing item to the backlog. Meanwhile, the students will continue to develop the “Annuario Studenti“.

I hope to show you the views in the next month. We’re reaching the final exam days, and we need to prepare the package the best we can do.

Stay tuned!

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