How to share an Azure DevOps Artifact feed with the entire organization

Azure Feeds used to be scoped to an organization. However, to enable public feeds and to become more consistent with the rest of Azure DevOps, feeds created through the new create feed UI are now project-scoped.

The only way to create an org-scoped Azure Artifact Feed is through API calls and it’s not reccomended.

If we want to share a feed with an entire organization this is what we need to do.


  1. We open the Azure Artifact module on the left of the portal
  2. We select the feed that we want to share
  3. We click on the gear icon to open the settings related to the feed.
Azure DevOps Artifact feed section with numbered steps to achieve the result of the tutorial.

Azure DevOps Artifact Feed

From here we need to select a View of the feed that we want to share and select the appropriate visibility level. These are the necessary steps:

  1. We select the View tab from the settings page;
  2. Then we select the View that we want to share (Local in this example);
  3. We click the Edit button;
  4. We select the org name (miferrac in this example) to share the feed with the entire org.
Steps to share the Local view of an Azure Artifact Feed.

Edit view

And that’s it!


We learned how to share an Azure DevOps Artifact Feed with the entire org.


Secure and share packages – MS Doc

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