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Agile@School – Anno Quinto (2020)

Anche per l’anno 2020 siamo stati coinvolti per continuare il progetto Agile@School, svolto in collaborazione con la scuola I.I.S.S. Gadda di Fornovo. Questa continuità negli anni è sicuramente un buon segno, perché significa che negli scorsi anni il progetto ha dato i suoi frutti e che l’esperienza sul campo acquisita dagli studenti è stata utile. … Continue reading Agile@School – Anno Quinto (2020)

Show Reporting Services usage statistics with Grafana

Introduction In this post, we will describe an efficient way of showing the usage statistics of our SQL Server Reporting Services hosted reports. Most of the queries below have been addressed in another article published by Steve Stedman. Even though they are really useful, the article shows their results through SQL Server Management Studio. The … Continue reading Show Reporting Services usage statistics with Grafana

DevOps journeys series – Vertica release pipeline with Azure DevOps – Ep. 01 – development (part 2)

Intro In the previous post we’ve described the idea behind the automation we’re trying to implement on a scenario based on MicroFocus Vertica database. How it works This “sandbox” is not a real isolated development workstation. Let’s separate it into two parts, the first one for the development on everything but Vertica (Windows local workstation) … Continue reading DevOps journeys series – Vertica release pipeline with Azure DevOps – Ep. 01 – development (part 2)

Two tech events in Parma, the city of food

SQL Saturday Parma, six years in a row. DevOpsHeroes, four. Parma has been a great place to reach, also for technical events. I’ve started organizing the first SQL Saturday in my birthplace in November 2014. After two years I tried to create a brand-new event, when the DevOps culture started to grow and when the … Continue reading Two tech events in Parma, the city of food

DevOps journeys series – Vertica release pipeline with Azure DevOps – Ep. 01 – development (part 1)

Intro As a consultant, life could be difficult when it comes to manage platform like Vertica, a columnar RDBMS by MicroFocus. Speaking about DevOps, database management systems like this one neither is well supported by built-in tools nor by any third party suites. In my experience, which is focused on the Microsoft SQL Server world, … Continue reading DevOps journeys series – Vertica release pipeline with Azure DevOps – Ep. 01 – development (part 1)

Friend of Redgate 2019

This year starts with a good news:

Here is the list of people in the directory.
Stay tuned!

DevOpsHeroes 2018 – Another brick in the wall

Event details DevOpsHeroes has been a great event, again! We didn’t expect so many people and we could not imagine that the feedback would be so good. Quick facts: Subscription: 244 (150 the past year) Attendees: 122 (94 the past year) drop: 50% (38% the past year) Attendee’s satisfaction The following radar chart is about […]

Posting SQL Server notifications to Slack

Introduction Automation, proactive monitoring, repeatability, reducing waste of time and technical debt. This is something you should know about when trying to do some DevOps. Why automation? Because you can reduce technical debt and the number of failures that can happen with a manual interaction. You can create environments using a provisioning procedure without falling […]

Wrong version of ISDeploymentWizard in SSMS 17.8.1

The problem Years ago, with SQL Server 2016 release, Microsoft came up with a separated brand new version of SQL Server Management Studio. It’s been a happy day for the SQL Server community and database developers. Shortly afterwards, our company started to migrate every instances from older version of SQL Server to the 2016, using […]

Agile@School – Anno terzo – Apertura del progetto

Siamo già al terzo anno consecutivo. Il tempo vola, ma devo dire che i progetti che sono nati in Engage IT Services sono anche solidi, graditi e duraturi. È successo con gli eventi (quest’anno ben tre per coprire i trend topic IoT, DevOps e il nostro SQL Saturday) e accade anche con Agile@School. Pensate che […]