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Two tech events in Parma, the city of food

SQL Saturday Parma, six years in a row. DevOpsHeroes, four. Parma has been a great place to reach, also for technical events. I’ve started organizing the first SQL Saturday in my birthplace in November 2014. After two years I tried to create a brand-new event, when the DevOps culture started to grow and when the … Continue reading Two tech events in Parma, the city of food

Reduce your build time with parallelism in Azure DevOps

A faster CI process with parallelism in Azure DevOps.

DevOps journeys series – Vertica release pipeline with Azure DevOps – Ep. 01 – development (part 1)

Intro As a consultant, life could be difficult when it comes to manage platform like Vertica, a columnar RDBMS by MicroFocus. Speaking about DevOps, database management systems like this one neither is well supported by built-in tools nor by any third party suites. In my experience, which is focused on the Microsoft SQL Server world, … Continue reading DevOps journeys series – Vertica release pipeline with Azure DevOps – Ep. 01 – development (part 1)

Deploy a new IIS Web Site with Azure DevOps Pipelines

I was experimenting with deploying a completely new Web Site to a machine with a brand new IIS installation to see what are the required parameter to do a basic deployment.I share here my findings. The best approach is to deploy with a deployment group job. This way can use the IIS tasks that Microsoft… Continue reading Deploy a new IIS Web Site with Azure DevOps Pipelines

GLV OnAir Febbraio 2019 – Video Link

Qualche settimana fa GLV ha trasmesso il suo episodio di GLV OnAir di febbraio 2019. La puntata è andata in onda col solito formato di 3 sessioni da 30 minuti ciascuna che elenco qui di seguito: GLV OnAir 2019-02- Terraform For Azure: the Good, the bad and the Ugly (Giulio Vian) GLV OnAir 2019-02- DevOps… Continue reading GLV OnAir Febbraio 2019 – Video Link

Friend of Redgate 2019

This year starts with a good news:

Here is the list of people in the directory.
Stay tuned!

DevOpsHeroes 2018 – Another brick in the wall

Event details DevOpsHeroes has been a great event, again! We didn’t expect so many people and we could not imagine that the feedback would be so good. Quick facts: Subscription: 244 (150 the past year) Attendees: 122 (94 the past year) drop: 50% (38% the past year) Attendee’s satisfaction The following radar chart is about […]

Posting SQL Server notifications to Slack

Introduction Automation, proactive monitoring, repeatability, reducing waste of time and technical debt. This is something you should know about when trying to do some DevOps. Why automation? Because you can reduce technical debt and the number of failures that can happen with a manual interaction. You can create environments using a provisioning procedure without falling […]

How to release a hotfix with pull-request inside VSTS in 3 steps

We all know the situation: the customer finds a critical bug in the latest release and he wants us to release a new version of our application with a fix. How do we handle this situation without breaking our team policies? How to release a specific fix to avoid regression problems? First we need to […]

Power is nothing without control

I’m blind! Is my software team going well? How can I know? With a dashboard you can and in a couple of minutes you can setup one with VSTS!