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VSTS for beginners: release your web-app to Azure

In the previous post of this series dedicated to VSTS we talked about continuous integration. Now we’ll talk about publishing our Web-App hosted on Azure with the release management tools provided by VSTS. With this kind of tools we can deploy the latest version of our web-app to Azure in complete automation removing manual procedures […]

All Day DevOps 2017 – 24 ottobre 2017

Get Latest Version è lieta di invitarvi a partecipare a All Day DevOps 2017 il 24 ottobre. Si tratta di un evento on-line gratuito interamente dedicato al mondo DevOps: 24 ore con 100 sessioni totali in lingua inglese. Tenete d’occhio il programma: una presentazione sarà tenuta da un nostro collega.

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