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Posting SQL Server notifications to Slack

Introduction Automation, proactive monitoring, repeatability, reducing waste of time and technical debt. This is something you should know about when trying to do some DevOps. Why automation? Because you can reduce technical debt and the number of failures that can happen with a manual interaction. You can create environments using a provisioning procedure without falling […]

How to release a hotfix with pull-request inside VSTS in 3 steps

We all know the situation: the customer finds a critical bug in the latest release and he wants us to release a new version of our application with a fix. How do we handle this situation without breaking our team policies? How to release a specific fix to avoid regression problems? First we need to […]

Power is nothing without control

I’m blind! Is my software team going well? How can I know? With a dashboard you can and in a couple of minutes you can setup one with VSTS!

VSTS for beginners: release your web-app to Azure

In the previous post of this series dedicated to VSTS we talked about continuous integration. Now we’ll talk about publishing our Web-App hosted on Azure with the release management tools provided by VSTS. With this kind of tools we can deploy the latest version of our web-app to Azure in complete automation removing manual procedures […]

All Day DevOps 2017 – 24 ottobre 2017

Get Latest Version è lieta di invitarvi a partecipare a All Day DevOps 2017 il 24 ottobre. Si tratta di un evento on-line gratuito interamente dedicato al mondo DevOps: 24 ore con 100 sessioni totali in lingua inglese. Tenete d’occhio il programma: una presentazione sarà tenuta da un nostro collega.

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