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Agile@School – sesta lezione

Originally posted on Il club delle 6:
Sono ripresi oggi gli appuntamenti all’ITI F.Viola / Marchesini di Rovigo di Agile@School dopo le vacanze: siamo al sesto episodio su dieci. Come ripromesso negli episodi precedenti abbiamo ripreso in mano dei principi Agile/DevOps che negli ultimi incontri erano stati parcheggiati in favore di approfondimenti tecnologici su Xamarin Forms.…

Agile@School – quinta lezione

Originally posted on Il club delle 6:
Oggi siamo giunti al giro di boa per all’IIS Viola/Marchesini di Rovigo col progetto Agile@School e Xamarin: quinta lezione su dieci. Il clima natalizio si è sentito e gli studenti erano tutti di buon umore e carichi. Come ormai di rito abbiamo riassunto per gli assenti della volta scorsa…

Agile@School – quarta lezione

Originally posted on Il club delle 6:
La settimana scorsa si è compiuto il quarto incontro di laboratorio di Agile@School + Xamarin all’IIS Viola/Marchesini di Rovigo. Purtroppo l’affluenza in questa lezione è stata molto bassa a causa di alcuni impegni personali di molti studenti. Hello Xamarin! Dopo un po’ di lezioni propedeutiche e su altre tematiche,…

Agile@School – Terza lezione

Originally posted on Il club delle 6:
Eccoci giunti alla terza lezione su dieci del laboratorio Agile@School dell’IIS Viola/Marchesini di Rovigo Stand-up meeting Anche questa volta abbiamo fatto pratica con lo stand-up meeting in cui abbiamo fatto un piccolo riassunto della puntata precedente ed è stato introdotto a grandi linee il programma della giornata. La partecipazione…

Agile@School 2017 – This is the end

All the good things come to an end, right? And this is true also for Agile@School 2017. However, no worries, although I’m becoming a dad, I’m pretty sure I’ll keep making the students more aware of the Agile principles and practices. There are only good news, to be honest. The first one is that Michele […]

Agile@School 2017 – let’s start over

As a recurring project, Agile@School is started again on February, with a new set of projects and ideas. Gabriele will help me again, but it will be a very difficult task. During the past year we followed a Scrum approach, in order to comply the team structure. As you can read here, there were one team […]

Agile@School – 7th episode

In the 6th episode’s post we’ve spoken about the concept of “sprint failure” and “start again with a new spirit”. Now I can say that we have reached our goals and the application is up and running, ready to be shown during the exam sessions. We are proud to introduce online Students’ Yearbook! In this episode […]

Agile@School – episode 5

It’s time to review the work done. The web application the students are working on is reaching its end, speaking about development. It’s not so good to see, we know it, but starting from this sprint, we will apply some graphical stuff and we’ll be ready to present the tool to the “board”. By the way, […]

Agile@School – episode 4

The sprint 2 was completed successfully. This is a great news and when I’ve heard that sentence, I was very happy with my “class”. Yes, we miss something, but the software package is working, and not just in one client. A month ago, I left the students with a list of 5 PBIs, and they presented me the […]

Agile@School – episode 3

Agile@School project is growing and finally we’re reaching the most important part of the iteration. In this third episode we played the planning poker game on a round table (which appears like a poker session at a first sight actually 🙂 ) and the students decided to skip the coffee break! You know how is really difficult […]